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VB Scoreboard
iOS app for keeping and sharing volleyball score


Why I cannot connect scoreboards even though I am sure they are on the same wireless network?

WiFi is not always reliable. Because of some network security or topology circumstances, scoreboards may not be able always to connect with each other. The best advice we can give is for you to try to create your own WiFi network. You can use feature in your device settings called "Personal Hotspot." Connecting scoreboards to your own hotspot will make them as reliable as possible.

It is a kind of weird that I connected two scoreboards and one of them is able to control score of the other but not vice versa.

Yes, it happens. Try to press home button on your device and than to run the app again. Scoreboards will restart discovery process and may be able to connect correctly.

What is the maximum distance of the bluetooth remote?

According to our observations it is not much. However, you should be able to control score from any position on the court if the scoreboard is somewhere on the level of the net in the middle of the court.

Are there is going to be VB Scoreboard Android app?

We are open to this idea, but there is no Android app for now on the horizon.